Monday, November 30, 2009

Suppress Everything Now!

This just in from a loyal reader:
Did you see that the head of the Pontifical Council for Migration, Antonio Maria Sveglio, told the ANSA that the Vatican agrees with the Swiss bishops conference in denouncing the ban on minarets in the Switzerland? He's a bishop of course.

He offers a solution:
[Caps in the original]

I believe I have mentioned that one of my little axioms in life, along with "never join anything," is "abolish everything".

I note that while this perhaps could be considered a little drastic, a case might be made for the Holy Father to consider suppressing the Swiss Bishops' Conference after this:

Catholic bishop calls for married priests
A Swiss bishop says that married men should also be allowed to be priests in the Catholic Church and that celibacy should be voluntary.

Norbert Brunner, who takes over as head of the Swiss Bishops Conference at the start of next year, told the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper that most Swiss bishops were in favour of the move.

"There should be the possibility of making married men priests," Brunner said.

There was no fundamental link between celibacy and the priesthood, maintained the Bishop of Sion, but added that it should remain a choice for those who wanted it.

Brunner said that the Swiss bishops were "quite unanimous" in their support.

He had proposed the move to Rome several times, but admitted that he had, as yet, been unable to push his solution forward.

I wonder if the Vatican will issue a statement noting favourably the generous broadmindedness of the good bishop in allowing priests to remain celibate if they choose.

But my imagination balks at at attempt to picture the shotgun ceremonies that would ensue if it became the policy of the Swiss Catholic Church to force priests to marry against their will.


Gregory DiPippo said...

If memory serves, a number of clergy were in fact forced to marry during the French revolution. It has been well-observed that almost every single heresy that has ever existed has also been against clerical celibacy, regardless of whatever else it wished to do to the Faith

GOR said...

"...that the Swiss bishops were "quite unanimous" in their support."

To which Mrs. Slocombe of "Are You Being Served?" would have replied:

"Weak as water...and I am unanimous in this"