Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A taste

Ok, I did the thing with, and it has given me a URL.

I took this audio during the rehearsal of a musical group that came to Santissima Trinita dei Pellegrini last year to accompany a Rosary evening. Readings, Rosary, know the sort of thing.

Yes, that voice at the beginning is me. You can tell because I'm saying something stupid.

Let me know if you can open the link.

If this audio file experiment works, I'll get you some more.


PCM said...

Awesome; now that's a period acoustic! I've never seen a tromba marina in person myself. Any information about the piece? Besides 17th century Italian/Italianate I'm at a loss. I've only somewhat recently come to this kind of music via the French -- it's not a long trip from Charpentier to Carissimi and Luigi Rossi, etc. -- and I'm certainly no expert.

Anonymous said...

it worked!

-mary ann

PCM said...

Upon further research I think it's Carissimi's "Exsurge cor meum." The only Carissimi track on this recording, sung by a tenor here --

I haven't found the text online. (Maybe it's Neolatin?) I suspect that to hear Carissimi in a baroque church is a treat most of us won't ever get, so thanks again for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

It worked... and it was beautiful! Please post more!

Anonymous said...


Mark S. Abeln said...

Alas, cannot listen to .WMA formatted files.

Martial Artist said...

It works on a Windows PC with Windows Media Player installed. And also offers the opportunity to download the audio file.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer

Kathleen said...

Works for me.

Anonymous said...

It works. Now must be found a way to make a little clicky link that will let one stay on the same page and listen to the thingy.

Hugh of Niagara