Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sorry, can't blog today

All my irony fuses got blown in one go today:
Pope invites Tony Blair to Vatican summit to discuss Church's fears that politics is losing its religion

Yep. You can't make this stuff up.

You can be sure that there will be a press conference, and little ol' me will be there with my handy voice recorder in hand. "Sir, how do you respond to having been given the nickname of Britain's "principle architect of the culture of death"?

Now, Nick Pisa plays it with a straight face, but I think the headline writers at the Mail got the joke.

Melanie Phillips certainly got it some time ago:

...his government either directly promoted or did nothing to stop the long march through Britain’s institutions — the systematic undermining of the country’s fundamental values and traditions, in line with the cultural Marxism strategy of the philosopher Antonin Gramsci.


Obama has talked about remedying what he sees as the flaws in the U.S. Constitution which promotes only “negative liberties,” or freedom from something rather than positive rights to something. Well, [under Blair's New-Britain Programme] through human-rights legislation Britain has exchanged its historic concept of “negative” liberty — everything is permitted unless it is actively prohibited — for the ‘positive’ European idea that only what is codified is to be permitted.

As a result, freedom has shrunk to what ideology permits. Equality legislation has cemented a “victim culture” under which the interests of all groups deemed to be powerless (black people, women, gays ) trump those deemed to be powerful (white people, men, Christians). Since this doctrine holds that the “powerless” can do no wrong while the “powerful” can do no right, injustice is thus institutionalized, and anyone who queries the preferential treatment afforded such groups is vilified as a racist or bigot.


Anonymous said...

The Pope has invited him in order to give him a boot up the bum, right?

HJW said...

that was the thought of many