Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Second Romans, Chapter II

Our Lady's City

I managed on Sunday to take a series of photos of the many little shrines to the Blessed Virgin that are on the corners of many of the houses and buildings in Rome.


I wish I could remember where each of these were, but there are hundreds and they all start to sort of blur together after a while. And besides, I never knew where I was half the time. From now on, I'm going to carry a little ball of twine with me, tie one end to the obelisk in the middle of the Piazza Rotonda so I can always find my way home again. The place is a labyrinth.

I'm pretty sure this was in the Piazza Farnese

The Madonella to end all Madonellas...

...with St. Philip, of course.

On Saturday, after we got tired of (not) helping (very much) to set things up, we went for a stroll (no one "walks" in Rome) over to Trastevere where we saw

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Inside, was St. Anthony, festooned with prayer requests.

And we went to the Trinitarian church where

Anna Maria Taigi remains incorrupt.

I wandered off by myself on Sunday afternoon and found some ruins. There were quite a lot of ruins, but they are sort of unfun without anyone there to tell you what you are looking at. So I didn't take many pictures.

Some old Roman art, however, just randomly stuck to a wall in the Ghetto.

Sunday, after the big Mass

I'm told this is what you're supposed to be doing on a Sunday afternoon after Mass...


At which, of course, the gatti di Roma are practiced hands...

...all dressed up and looking for gelatto...

J.P. Sonnen looking dapper. I tried one of his cigars but discovered I'm not really a cigar person. (BTW: I'm fairly sure that the new Seven Deadly Sins include smoking...we must be eeeeeeviiiiil.)

Christopher, looking like he's up to something.

Shawn Tribe looking not at all eeeeviiil.


Gregory, the FSSP's master of ceremonies and therefore the most important man in Rome, taking an important call. (Second... I meant second most...)

The Ratzinger Effect

First the Motu Proprio, now this... John: "it's the latest chic thing..."

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