Monday, June 23, 2008

I knew I'd seen Gerald Warner's name around somewhere. I think I have some vague recollection, perhaps from a previous blog, that someone sent me an article or two by him that I thought was wonderful.

Anyway, Fr. Finigan put me on to his blog the other day and I have turned into a Gerald Warner fan overnight.

He is at the Telegraph, but has done things for the Spectator where this little item, dated 2002, caught my attention:
Rome is in meltdown, says Gerald Warner, and part of the problem is that in some respects John Paul II is scandalously liberal.

and I realised we were kindred souls.

Oh, and thanks to Mac, we have word that the English Catholic Birkenstocked Wrinklies Brigade hasn't sent the albino monk after Damien Thompson after all. For some reason known only to the internet kami, the Telegraph is reshuffling all their blogs and Mr. Thompson is here now.


Iohannes Carolus Crassus said...

If I were the sort of man who went out in public in his underwear, I mean, wearing a 't-shirt', I'd get one with the following on it, from Mr. Thompson's finely wrought article:

"Rome faces the same dilemma as an alcoholic: until it acknowledges the problem - Vatican II - no cure is possible. "

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Mr. Warner's article.

Iohannes Carolus Crassus said...

Ah yes. Sorry about that.

Jeff said...

Well, here's the thing.

In pursuit of Mr. Warner's blog, I went to Fr. Finigan's blog and clicked on the link.

Up popped a notice which instructed me thus:

Sorry, but that page could not be found. Please try another.

So, I was thinking of the halibut if it's fresh tonight.