Monday, June 16, 2008

Alice would have been right at home

Received by e-mail yesterday morning, was perhaps one of the oddest emails I have ever had.

We certainly seem to live in a world that quite simply has no rules at all.

Hello Friends:

I just got back from the Mass of Ordination of Br. Michael Eades of the
Oratory to the Diaconate by His Grace Thomas Collins Archbishop of
Toronto at Holy Family Church which was filled to capacity. It was a
Novus Ordo Latin Mass celebrated "ad orientem" by His Grace in the
Oratorian manner. Alas, no pictures or video available here, though David
Domet will be posting some pictures on his blog.

The Oratory choir was, to my untrained hear, in excellent form. The music
was a combination of William Byrd (Salve sancta Parens), Palestrina (Missa
Veni Sponsa Christi), & Mass XVII from the Adoremus Hymnal. To me it was
most notable for the fact of the active participation of the laity, which
gives the lie to those who say Latin is too difficult for the people to
join in.

Though His Grace's familiarity with the Latin seemed a bit shaky he
nevertheless gave a very good homily. And he was very approachable &
personable at the reception afterwords in the church hall. A a very
sumptuous affair, also in the Oratorian manner. So, a very heartfelt
congratulations to Br. Michael Eades on his ordination.

After leaving the reception, to go to the Metro Reference Library at Yonge
& Bloor, so I could send off this email; what should I see on emerging
from the subway exit? A band of nude cyclists! About a hundred of them,
mostly men but some women also, under Police escort (this being Toronto
after all) riding north on Yonge Street. I was so shocked I nearly dropped
my umbrella.

It seems this is "World Naked Bike Ride" day. How could I have missed it?
Apparently, the "demonstrators" were protesting the internal combustion
engine, or Global Warming, or something. Well, after witnessing this
spectacle of pasty, flabby human flesh in motion (not a Victoria's Secret
model or Mr. Universe in the bunch) I'm certainly going to be reassessing
MY carbon footprint, Wouldn't you?

Yup, this certainly has been an interesting day.


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