Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birds of a feather

screeching together.

Mr. Carriere points out that lefties/commies and Islams (and I'm inclined to add, certain shrill hysterical harridans in a particular group of persons in Parliament who shall, for today anyway, remain nameless) have one thing in common: an inability to grasp the finer points of intellectual debate. Irony, to be specific.

For his bestseller, Mark Steyn...
"can thank a handful of Muslim goofballs who can't quite grasp that trying to censor an author who claims Muslims in western countries aren't embracing western traditions of individual liberty is perhaps not the most effective rebuttal of the author's thesis".

Quite so.

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J D Carriere said...

This isn't my quote you've quoted. It's a quote I quoted and posted a link. But the other quote you quoted (in the post after this one) was me, not me quoting.