Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An ethical conundrum for you

You are doing your work in the evening, minding your own business and enjoying the last of the evening's sunshine when along come a handsome pair of young people, about 20 or so, who proceed to sprawl in the doorway of the greegrocer across the street from your window in the small, quiet respectable English country village in which you have chosen to make your home to escape this sort of thing.

The girl is obviously out of her head with drink and she and the boy are all over each other in an unchaste manner.

You are tempted, you are sorely tempted, to take a few photos with your digital camera and then go across the street to inform the young duo that they can either cease and desist or find themselves posted to the internet in this condition for all the world to see by next morning.

What do you do?


Anonymous said...

Well, you give in to the "temptation" don't you?

IOW, would it really be a bad thing to do?

Louise in Oz (here from Dale Price's blog).

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'd be surprised if they cared....they'd probably laugh and give a pose.The reaction you're expecting requires a sense of shame

DP said...

I'm mostly with Louise--Admonish the sinner, and all that.

Then again, if there's a potential for violence, perhaps its best to shout the admonishment from defensible ground.