Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm such a jerk

I got the invite a few weeks ago to Kevin's ordination and I just completely failed to send the RSVP card.

Kevin was around in bits and pieces all through my pro-life activities since I lived in Halifax and he was in charge of National Campus Life Network. We worked closely together during the build-up to World Youth Day and did all sorts of important pro-life things at WYD, much to the annoyance of and against he concerted passive aggressive opposition of the Toronto diocesan organisers. Together with a couple of other friends, took the long death march up Allen Road to Downsview, slept in the mud and stood around in the hammering rain. That Kevin went in for the diocesan priesthood says a lot about the guy. He's been in a position throughout his adult life, to know only too well what he was getting himself into. After some time in pro-life activism in that town, there aren't any illusions left.

The guy's a prince and I don't mind saying so.

Congratulations, Father Belgrave.

(The suit looks pretty good on you).

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