Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Computer is trying to kill me

Internet help:

Does anyone out there know more than I about Firefox? Any idea why it might be periodically erasing my history and emptying my bookmark files? I booted up this morning and when I tried to use the drop-down menu at the end of the address bar, nothing happened. I went to the bookmarks and it is entirely empty.

Is there a setting that I have accidentally switched on that periodically dumps everything? Is there a way to switch it off? I have poked around the toolbar and found nothing. It did this, to my great annoyance, a couple of weeks ago. I rely upon my bookmarks to get quickly to various websites that I use regularly for research and save stuff there that are part of larger research projects and don't want to have to keep having to go around and pile everything back into the files from the net every two weeks.

Do I have a virus? Or what?

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Firefox does have settings to dump your history every so often if you wish. However, nothing should erase your bookmarks. Try
and see if that helps. Otherwise I would suggest creating a new profile, then deleting the old one.

Unknown said...

Firefox also has a way to synchronize your computer's bookmarks with those on another computer.

It does this by keeping the most current set of your bookmarks somewhere in "internet space" and then regularly or on your request, synchronizes the two computers.

Last week, I lost almost all of my bookmarks in Firefox.

But I received a warning from Firefox that it was a "known bug" and that it was possible for me to regain my bookmarks by going to the synchronizing space and downloading my current set back to my computer.

You don't need two computers for this to work, I believe.

So it probably is too late for you now, but when you get back up and reestablish bookmarks from your backup, set up the synchronizing gizmo.

Thanks for your great blog and articles on

Ray Marshall

DP said...

It's quite possibly Skynet testing the limits of its control.