Thursday, May 15, 2008

Zombies II

The Great Steyn (may he be widely read) talks about today's zombie issues. Movie screen visual aids from Dawn of the Dead

This thing is an (Islamic) identity that once you seize it, once you become infected by it, it becomes your primal identity.

I think the danger is that in fact we waste so much time in trying to pretend that these are conventional struggles...they're not.

I think a few years from now, they're going to be holding think tanks all over Washington on who lost Britain.

We face a future in a very short period of time where large parts of Europe will either be mired in civil war or transforming rapidly...

There is certainly something very deep in the Western cultural consciousness that fears collectivism. It is why the Borg were the New Star Trek's only really scary or interesting villains. It is a recurring theme in science fiction and in political thought that at the deepest, most instinctive level, we Whiteys fear most the threat of losing our individual selves to something dehumanizing.

I think this fear, as long as it remains healthily entrenched in our minds, will save us, particularly in Britain where it is probably strongest, from cultural annihilation.

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