Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Respect?

Hey, "Anastasia" does this about sum up your position?

"...people in Europe now see [Islam] as a threat to their culture. They carry on accommodating every demand of course, but this is not because Islam is welcome in Europe, far from it. It's because people have been condition by the lie of multiculturalism to believe that what they should think is more important than what they do think. so although pee will criticise ilam in privat, they know that to do so publicly, in other words to be honest about their feelings, would instantly make them racists and Islamophobes and Nazis and disgusting imperialists, ethnocentric fascist bastards grinding their jackboots into the faces of the innocent and the weak.

So, best not make a fuss."

Well, just to please you ma'am, I've got a nice new shiny pair of jackboots on order, and although I'm sure they won't go well with the tweed skirts and twinsets, I'll be sure to wear them to the next Pro-lifer thing I go to in this country,

just to please you.

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