Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wish List

Since I'm in a sharing kind of mood, I thought I would give you my wish list for immediate improvement of the general scene in Britain.

Whatever party these ideas belong to, I will allow the reader to decide.

After this, it's back to reticent I promise.

I, like anyone who spends a lot of time paying attention to politics, have a few things I'd like to see changed. These are only purely political things, open to tinkering by legislative and regulatory changes. I do not believe that politics is the only thing, or even the most important thing, that makes a society. That's socialist thinking. I do not think, contrary to Mr. Brown, that "Britishness" is something that can be created,promoted or enforced by government decree.

But inasmuch as we are talking specifically about political matters, things that can legitimately be dealt with by parliaments, I have a few items on my list that I do not think are terribly off the mainstream conservative beaten track, however much they may be ignored by those who currently rule the parties. Off the top of my head, these include (apart from the obvious like the immediate recriminalization of abortion, the abolition of artificial means of contraception, IVF and other artificial methods of procreation):

- an end to Britain's membership in the EU, or at least a significant re-configuration of our treaty commitments. It would be nice to see British people governed by laws made by British parliamentarians at Westminster.

- an immediate halt to or at least radical reduction (90%) of immigration and a significant increase in border security.

- automatic deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.

- the systematic re-patriation of illegal immigrants and "failed asylum seekers" who are not convicted of crimes.

- a complete reform of the police force with emphasis on putting a stop to the "managerial" style of policing with its politically correct dumbing down and rule by pencil-pushing bureaucrats. cf: Baroness P.D. James.

- automatic sentencing for violent offenders.

- a reform of the welfare system that favours payments to single mothers and discourages families from staying together.

- a reform of the school system and a return to traditional teaching methods and subjects.

- the abolition of systems like the student's "appeal" process that make it impossible for teachers to discipline disruptive students. (Or how about just bringing back corporal punishment?)

- the cracking open and exposure to a bright light of the festering marxist hive of crawling moral and political corruption that calls itself the National Union of Teachers.

- the re-institution of laws prohibiting public indecency and the promotion of same.

- the abolition of all current "sex education" programmes in schools.

- the reform of the religious ed curriculum in schools to emphasize Christianity and teach it as the official religion of this nation.

- immediate deportation of Islamic extremist imams who publicly advocate the overthrow of the democratic system, the imposition of Sharia law, the suppression of civil rights, or violence, or the concept that Muslims should "take over" Britain.

- a country-wide moratorium on planning permission for the building of any new mosques.

- re-nationalizing the railways and getting the damn trains to run.

- the abolition of TV licensing fees. If the BBC can produce good products, let them compete fairly in the market to sell them like everyone else.

- the removal of about 90% of the nation's CCTV cameras and an inquiry as to the legality of the government spying on citizens.

- a legal definition of marriage that clarifies its meaning and purpose as the procreation and raising of children.

- abolition of inheritance tax on estates worth under £1 million and stamp duty for first time home buyers. (Given the indecently inflated housing values, however, I think this limit is too low. In some areas, even a very modest home can be valued at close to £1 million and the idea of inheritance tax that forces anyone, rich or poor, to sell a family home just to pay the government is an inherently unjust law that violates the rights of private property.)

-the creation of tax incentives and rewards for homeowners who keep a house more than ten years.

- re-instate the stringent divorce laws that were in place before 1949. I hold to my belief that it was easy divorce, not contraception, that started the snowball.

- unequivocal affirmation by Parliament of the Christian nature and origin of British society.

- the repeal of the fox hunting ban.

- the repeal of the smoking ban.

- the abolition of the Health and Safety Executive.

- the decentralization of control of local councils. There was a time, not too long ago, when the local council did not merely exist as the means of enforcement of edicts from Westminster.

- the repeal of most of Tony Blair's 'reforms' of the House of Lords...

and probably quite a bit more in this vein that I can't think of off the top of my head.

Now, I know from reading the papers and following blogs and generally keeping my ears open, that these are some pretty mainstream conservative opinions. Some or all of them are represented by individuals in the Conservative party. Some of them are even official party policy. I agree wholeheartedly that holding these opinions makes me Rightwing. But the last time I checked, being Rightwing is not, not yet at any rate, a crime. Some may find it odious and I'm fine with that.



hyoomik said...

Here in my homeland strong and free (for now,
and so we sing, but less free with each passing day—
our warriors brave are few and ill equipped)
Repeal they should all laws since 'sixty eight
when Sly Pierre Trudeau beguiled them all,
when with new ways of Mao and Marcuse,
he turned us all to hippies with love beads,
whose children are but wards of his new state.
Now others they may rightly boast of theirs,
but this is where my God did make me born,
and so its peace is my peace too, its ills my ills,
Now Mozart's music pleases me, and our new Pope
But Dylan's too enchants my ear, and so
I guess that my conservative credentials
are not so perfect, not so crystal clear,
And if the laws our music should concern,
Then Kenny Rogers should be seized at customs,
And Abbey Road and Album White with Helter Skelter.

A law it should be here all bells to ring,
on Sundays for all far and near to hear,
And who on Fridays vociferously proclaims
False prophets should be cited for false news,
But such it will not be, for truth must hide.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Five beats per line.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

just five.

hyoomik said...

Corrections shown below I recommend,
That all beats may be five and five alone,
Since six offends the pentametric sense.
If more there be, if some I've overlooked,
then I'll give up my laurels and return,
and find a steamer ship that needs a cook.
(Even I cannot resist a rhyme,
Sometime ...)

line 2 --delete "and so"

"vociferously" should be changed to "vocally"

And "Mao" should be pronounced to to rhyme with "Cow"

delete "and so" in the line "and so its peace"

"credentials" should be changed to "creds"

The line about Kenny Rogers should be "And Kenny Rogers should be contraband"

and the line about the Beatles:
"And bulldoze all the Beatles' albums into bits" or
"And Album White and rotten Helter Skelter"

hyoomik said...

I'm tired of the food here on Parnassus,
White sugar all the time, but no molasses.