Saturday, May 03, 2008

Now, I know what you're thinking

"How can she back Boris? What about that thing in the Telegraph last year about his backing Hillary Clinton. Doesn't she know that he's just another neo-Tory, Euro-phile" blah blah blah...

OK, two reasons.

First: the alternative was worse. After a few years of watching Canadian politics, I've learned to embrace the notion of the Least Bad.

Second: because, despite Boris' shortcomings, he's quite a bit better than Least Bad. He is, in many ways, Somewhat Good.

About as enthusiastic endorsement as anyone is ever going to get from me in politics.

Third reason is this:

And for Pete sake! Doesn't anyone realize how much brains it takes to be funny? How often can we say that a politician has enough between the ears to be as amusing as this?

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