Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Own Goal IV

Wrote earlier:

Own Goal II and III

Passion for Life issues a helpful postcard helpfully telling the Parliamentarians what they want to hear, helpfully:

"Abortion is really OK, more or less, and we, the nice branch of the pro-life movement, the kindly, reasonable, sensible, team player part of the pro-life movement, the kind of pro-lifers you would feel comfortable, say, inviting round to tea, or to give testimony at the HFE Bill committee, want y'all to know that you don't have to be against abortion in any kind of universal or, heaven forfend, absolutist way."

Or, more succinctly:

"Abortion Should be Rare".

Thanks for the help guys.

Just found out that the group issuing the postcard is a branch of...

wait for it...

(didja guess?)

The Parliamentary All-Party Pro-life Group!

(cue wild applause)

Let's give 'em a big hand ladies and gentlemen!

I think I'm going to add to the list of coveted Orwell's Picnic Prizes. I think we should institute the Orwell's Picnic Own Goal Prize, to be given to those pro-life groups most dedicated to undermining their own cause. We can get Planned Parenthood to sponsor it.

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bernadette said...

Thanks, Anastasia. Hats off to you and the all-party parliamentary pro-life group. Martyrs for the cause, the lot of you.