Thursday, May 15, 2008

Or, to put it more briefly, and at the risk of sounding somewhat Liverpudlian...

To those who like to screech "She's a BNP supporter! Don't talk to her, we might get her cooties..."

I'm a Tory.

Unusually, though, I'm a genuinely conservative Tory who is also capable of independent rational thought and political analysis and one who, further, doesn't like to be told what to think by the fashionable politically correct whims of the day. I am also someone who is thoroughly disgusted with the tenor of British political discourse in which some things are not allowed to be mentioned or thought about. I also think that the BNP would not exist today at all had the Conservative Party not given up being conservative.

The British people are a naturally conservative people and they don't like to be lied to or treated like idiots, which the Conservative party, as well as Labour, has done routinely for forty years or so. This situation has made the British People mad. When they are mad, they do things more quietly than the French. They do not riot or blow things up like some people; they merely quietly go about setting up alternatives and voting for them. An entirely commendable trait for a people who invented modern democracy.

The British People also do not like to be told what to think or that their traditional culture is not good enough for the Progressive Modern World. They especially do not like to be told this by people they have themselves voted into office.

All of these things have created the BNP as a response.

When the Tories start behaving like proper British Tories, the BNP will fade naturally away. So, if you don't like the BNP, I'd suggest that the smartest thing to do would be to join the Tories and start forcing them to become more Tory.

A more productive way to spend one's time, I believe, than screeching and howling and saying stupid childish things in commboxes or trying to pretend that there isn't a problem in British politics and that everything is just hunky-peachy.

So, if you think it is a bad thing merely to think about the BNP from a dispassionate non-hysterical point of view to discuss and examine the implications of their growing popularity and the importance of it as a political indicator


then you are too stupid to be worth talking to or responding to.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret to my character: the more you shriek and howl and jump up and down, the more I'm going to enjoy making you look foolish. I'm just naturally contrary that way. Ask anyone.

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Anonymous said...

to steal a line from someone else: "I support the Conservative Party and regret that it no longer exists".