Wednesday, May 14, 2008

But once we've had some more time, I'm sure it will be fine

Most Rev Peter Smith, chairman of the English and Welsh Catholic bishops' department for Christian responsibility and citizenship, says that society needs more time to consider issues raised by the bill, including hybrids and saviour siblings, before legislation is passed by Parliament.

Just more time, that's all.

Thanks Bishop Smith for helping me clarify my feelings about the English "Catholic" bishops.


Anonymous said...

welcome back dear ,you were missed

Zach said...

Are you sure that wasn't an Anglican bishop? That's what they sound like all the time.

"More time to consider" being code for "let's give the liberals more time to consolidate their position and drag the battle out longer for the conservatives"...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was code for the papal nuncio for "I know I`m in the top three, but for pity's sake, I really don`t want the job."

Cos if Papa B knows about this,. he`s off the Christmas card list, never mind the Cardinal list.