Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Never a hurricane around when you need one

So, the reason I don't buy the idea that Katrina was the vengeance of God on the moral sewer of New Orleans, is that there are a world of better targets out there about which He's just not doing anything.

Berlin, for example:
At some point I wound up at a sex museum. I was greeted first thing by a wall of plaster genitals, both male and female. While I was led to believe they all belonged to humans, I’m not entirely convinced. Surely no man could fit a ten inch member the width of a soda can into a normal pair of pants. But there it was pointing at me in the hall, along with several other startling configurations.

Berlin is unabashedly sexual. Ads for couples’ sex clubs were all over, porn played free on the hotel television, prostitution is legal and generally not frowned upon. The sex museum was no exception. I was embarrassed for half a second, until it occurred to me that I should probably abandon my puritan mores at the plaster dongs if I wanted to enjoy myself. From there I took it all in shamelessly, snapping pictures with abandon, laughing at slide shows, inspecting ancient sex toys.

Other than sex tourism and massive crippling financial bailouts for financially malfeasant countries like Ireland and Greece, what is Berlin offering the world? At least in New Orleans there's jazz, and the food's really good.




Steve T. said...

And there are some actual Roman Catholics left in New Orleans, too.

Barbara said...

If anyone else watched Pope Benedict's recent visit to Germany, there were 70,000 to 80,000 people at Mass in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. I'm sure at least a some of them are "actual" Catholics.

Ingemar said...

Beemers and Benzes, Hil. Beemers and Benzes.

Francis said...

Given the parlous condition of world finances as well as the current laxity of German morals, it sounds like the Weimar Republic all over again.