Monday, October 24, 2011


Got the call from the Gemelli on Thursday. I'm to "be ready" to go in today with the intention of having the surgery by Wednesday (tests and stuff in between). So, in order to avoid spending the weekend sitting around the house moping and worrying,

me n' Vic went to Florence!

We went on Saturday morning, on the 7:08 (the first) train to Pisa, switching to the Florence commuter route and got there by 11:30 on the dot. The first day we mostly spent just walking around and looking at things. It was surprisingly cold for the time of year, so we kept moving and didn't stop to sketch things outdoors.

We got a nice clean little room in a small pensione, quite comfortable and decently furnished with friendly staff, for 40 E each a night. Early Sunday morning we went straight to the Accademia museum (the one with the David) and ended up spending the better part of the day in there drawing the sculptures. We had hoped to get into the Uffizi but couldn't get a booking and didn't want to face the queue.

Assuming I don't die and the Parousia holds off for a while, there will definitely be more Florence going on around here.

What the Ponte Vecchio looks like on the inside.

A saint. On the Duomo.

We had many adventures, including visiting the greatest art store in the world, none of which I have the energy to relate right now. But since I'm supposed to be in the hospital two days before having surgery, and there aren't going to be any poisonous chemicals involved, I'll have plenty of time later while sitting around in my pajamas waiting for things.

Florence had many shiny shops. Not as shiny as Venice's shiny shops, but pretty sparkly nonetheless.

More later.

(All pics h/t to Vicky.)



Mrs McLean said...

Great idea! I'm so glad you got to Florence.

Anonymous said...

Please post pics of your outfits more often! They are so lovely! - Karen

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Gads, Karen! I went around Florence looking and feeling the worst frump. You should see the Florentines!

Mrs McLean said...

I agree that the Fiorentini really know how to dress. Boy, oh boy.

Anonymous said...

You always look like a lady and nobody does anymore, even when they look really sharp. - Karen

Nancy Reyes said...

Love the photos...

Nancy Reyes said...

I borrowed a photo from your blog for my link: If you object, let me know and I'll erase it.