Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Bleg

Juliette Aristides has produced another book. The Classical Drawing Atelier was amazing, but it was very short on actual instruction. It was meant to be just an examination and explanation of the classical drawing instruction that almost died out in the first half of the 20th century. (Which story you can read all about here.)

Her most recent book is the actual lessons and exercises.

If anyone would like to help out, I would be very grateful. (I'd cheerfully buy it myself, but the only means I have to pay for things online is PayPal, and apparently there is some kind of rivalry thing between Amazon and PayPal... V. annoying, but probably a good thing in the long run that I can't just go spend all my money on Amazon.)

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Also, for the young lady who emailed me asking if she could get formal instruction in Alaska, I think this book and her Classical Drawing Atelier might be a good place to start.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering me. I can only afford one for now, so think I will buy her book coming out next month & hope they don't run out. Barnes & Noble seems to be competing with Amazon too at least in US - got a book earlier this week for about 3/4 what Amazon wanted.

I actually tried doing what you called value and it is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. Nothing I want to show anybody - more kindling for wood stove. There are so many different online and DVD approaches I'd pretty much given up on choosing one.

If I can help you with Amazon, let me know. I really appreciate the help. Back to being quiet now.

Thx again,


TruthOverfaith said...
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Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Anonymous posts are not allowed. The use of an obviously made-up name, a moniker or other obvious attempt to hide your identity is the same thing as being anonymous.

Also, posts that are incomprehensible gibberish and bear no relation to the post whatever, are also banned.

L.M. Muffett said...
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AngelaG said...

A few weeks ago you posted a link to, which is (to me) also a good place to start. I'm a novice to the whole business, and I really appreciate the structure and order the site offers in its lessons.