Friday, October 07, 2011

Mr. Bear has been an important part of my cancer battle. His wisdom and calm has helped me calm down on many tearful nights. He's not only good with the monster sword but has a contemplative nature and very good manners. He's a very good influence on me.



Ingemar said...

Or, teddy bears are miniature versions of the real thing, without lacking any power.

Teresa B. said...

My 13 yr old daughter has one and my almost 15 yr old son has a bear that he got when he was born. (though he says it is on the bed shelf - and it sometimes slips into his bedsheets)
I used to as well - I have a St. Benedict cross that I hang onto - all night - sometimes stabbing my husband but it doesn't come out of my hand.
Love that picture!

Anonymous said...

Can I give you a bear hug, please? From Okinawa? Love your blog and your work!