Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I find that it's much easier to read stuff about drawing than to actually, you know... draw something.



Anonymous said...

Michelangelo would carefully choose a boulder and in it he would see what he would coax out of the stone in the stone . Drawing is all about problem solving . To begin with an empty space that needs to be filled , it does not matter what the initial marks you make are . You have to lose you fear of failure in order to embark on the road of discovery . Ego is good too , it will keep you chipping away at the rock , who needs wine ? meth ? crack ? no way! drawing is better than sex ! Once you get started you cant stop , and you will eventually go blind ,, who cares you will have a good time getting there . Reading about things is no substitute for hands on practical experience , remember its o k to make mistakes , the artist in us all has never forgotten how to play like a child .

Kay said...

One of my artist friends gave me a wonderful little book called "Art & Fear." (Bayles/Orland)

I was continually buying NEW paper, new brushes, new pencils, and yet not actually DOING any art. Sometimes it's really difficult to get past the terror of a blank sheet of paper. I was paralyzed before starting by my need for whatever appeared there to eventually be perfect.

And~~~that would be after making the difficult choice of which among the vast array of paper and media to actually use in the endeavor.

Teresa B. said...

And I would say:
I find that it's much easier to look at pictures (cartoons especially) than read stuff or draw or write than actually doing ... something.