Monday, October 10, 2011

Learning technique

I've been puzzling over the best way to approach my still life. I've only done one thing in charcoal before, and I didn't really take a lot of time to learn all the things you can do with the medium. This time I'm going to do a bunch of preliminary drawings in my sketchbook to see what the best approach is. I'm using grey toned paper and have black charcoal, sanguine conte and white chalk pencil. But I have been watching a lot of charcoal drawing videos and think I should try a bit of white pastel as well.

These are fun, by the way, and there are a lot of them on YouTube. Most of them are just mediocre speed drawings of celebrities, but a few of them are actually pretty respectable and worth looking at.


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The Crescat said...

that was great, and the Cure soundtrack didn't hurt.