Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Why Canadians ought to go extinct

Aaaaand this year's Darwin Award goes to


Let's give a big hand to the country that sends its bear taggers out to tag bears equipped with a Snow. Shovel.

I have some friends in Toronto, people who are otherwise highly competent and intelligent ... advanced degrees in really hard, grown-up, guy stuff like electrical engineering...who go canoeing in Northern Ontario...yes, Land 'O Bears...

Without. A. Gun.

And yes, they were stalked by a bear. A big scary, meat-eating wild animal.

I asked, "Did you leave your gun in the canoe? Is that why you were so scared?"

I got a blank look, "Gun?"




Havoc Jack said...

Ok, this sounds pretty awesome. Were I around, yeah, I'd tag along with the gang of students.

Not bringing a gun is just silly though.

Anonymous said...

Here in NS, eastern coyotes killed a young singer in CB Highlands National Park. Now, they've been seen in Point Pleasant, and one attacked a NS Power employee in an old suburb of HRM. Also, others are right in the urban area. Unlike the western version, these are larger, coy-wolf hybrids which often pack, and now which have evidenced an increasing willingness to attack humans.


Anonymous said...

Basically, we will need guns to defend ourselves from wildlife, in the city.

It's straigh out of "The Republic"


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Holy Crap!

We had coyotes in Vancouver. Not as many as we had raccoons, but plenty and you would see them quite regularly right in the centre of the city. But in Vancouver, you're really never more than a few hours walk to the wilderness. And the coyotes were pretty shy. I saw one late one night when I had missed the last bus up Granville st. and had to walk home. It lurked around in the bushes near Kits beach, but never came near me. And there was one that lived full time in the big cemetary. The grounds keeper told me it kept the rats and mice down.

Raccoons could be pretty dangerous, but none of them ever attacked humans. Only if you got too close to their kits.


Attacked and killed by coyotes.


I've read that the wolves are coming back to places like northern New Hampshire because of the shrinking population of rural Quebec. And when I visited the monastery in the very top of Vermont, I stayed in at night because you could hear wolves howling.

We have them in Italy now too...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, people thought I was being really neurotic (they always think that anyway) about the coyotes here, but then that attack happened 16 months ago in CB. (I'm surprised you didn't read about it, it made international news).

Anyway, there have been numerous other incidents this year. I understand it really affects the quality of life in the rural areas: kids can't play in the woods alone anymore, old people are scared to walk for exercise, pets attacked all the time.

The coyotes have been seen around numerous schools, so it's only a matter of time before a young child is killed. And there are people who write in comments that humans are encroaching, so it's ok for some humans to be killed. Yet, even if that logic were valid (which it isn't), there were no coyotes in NS unless the mid-1970s. So, in this case, it's the species of wildlife which is invasive.

Like Plato wrote: In democracies in their degenerate phase, even the dogs lose respect and think they're equal. And, on this issue, lots of humans have lost respect for themselves and their own species.

HJW said...

I really need to re-read Republic.

...and people always think that because you are neurotic.