Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Gave up Purcell Wednesdays for a while because I ran out of Purcell on Youtube.

But we can maybe change it to Baroque Wednesdays and expand a little.

The first time I heard Allegri's Miserere was in an Anglican Church in Halifax and it knocked me right off my pew.

After that, I got used to it a bit at the Toronto Oratory where they do it every year for Tenebrae. The Oratory has a pretty respectable sacred music choir, but when I asked Fr. Dan once who was going to do the four high Cs, he said no one in the regular choir could do it.

"We have to bring in a stunt soprano for that one."

I remember one year the stunt soprano didn't show up for some reason and we had it without the Cs. Fr. Robinson didn't look pleased.


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Han said...

Random distribution of singers throughout the church seems needlessly gimmicky to me. I like stereo sound as much as the next guy, but this looked weird.