Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Well, that was exciting

You never know how you are going to react to medical people telling you that you don't have cancer and aren't going to die.

My own reaction this week was pretty good, I thought.

Thought 1:
Dang. That means I have to go back to worrying about not having a roommate. (And, generally, that crappy old life will continue as normal. Boo.)

Thought 2:
How am I going to spin this into my next Remnant article and make some money off it?

Thought 3:
Oh! Great! Now I'll have enough time to do the Belvedere Torso in art class. Yay!

Then I had two questions:

1: What the hell is a "fibroid" anyway? and

2: Do you think they will give it to me in a jar to take home when I have it out?




Anonymous said...

My aunt had fibroids, and she's going strong (though slowly, as she's nearly blind) at 81. In fact she's one of the only other family members who still goes to Mass... When I visit it's deep in whitecap suburbia, and I take her to her local parish for the folksy NO Mass with altar girls and treacly electro-organ. She's tough though, like you. (She puts up with my withering critique.)

And I'm glad to year you're going to be well.

Take care,


John said...

Considering you're on that unfortunate part of the planet that sits south of the Alps, I'd venture to say that you probably DO have cancer. The diagnoses of Italian docs are almost without exception the opposite of what the fact is.

You might recall my oft repeated story of two trips to a medical institution in Rome to determine that I indeed had a hernia, something I had suspected. They were "relatively certain" that's what it was.

Shortly thereafter, a US surgeon friend visiting me in Rome determined the same "absolutely" with merely a firm press on my abdomen as we stood in a coffee bar. His exam took about four seconds, possibly five.

Caveat infirma...

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

He's German. Trained in the US.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yuck, I'm sorry you were worrying about this when you also had roommate worries. And in a foreign country too! I hope the Belvedere Torso is consoling. - Karen

JohnJ said...

I'm glad to hear the good news!