Monday, February 14, 2011

Cats are cool

I've got to get Winnie one of these feather-on-a-stick toys.

Winnie and I have been experimenting with rolled-up balls of newspaper lately. She likes them better than the string because when I toss one to her, it keeps moving and makes a cool mouse-like skritchy-skritchy noise. And the lightest touch on her part sends it skritchy-skritchying across the marble floors. Much better than the string-and-clothes-peg toy, though she still appreciates a little cat-angling now and then.

The rolled-up paper balls are such a hit that I woke up in the middle of the night the other night to hear her scampering madly down the hall after one, and when I come home from work I often find the latest one torn into little shreds and scattered all over the floor. It's the best use I can think of for the International Herald Tribune.

I was worried for a while that she wasn't being lively enough now that we don't have access to a garden for her. She's taken to sitting in front of the bay window and looking longingly out into the umbrella pines in the back garden and watching the birds. I think she thinks they're mocking her. I feel so guilty.

I love my apartment, and I love my cat, and I know it would be the height of nuttiness to move just so she can go out and catch birds...



Ingemar said...

My cat has a thing for balled-up socks.

Hank Rhody said...

Marbles. Glass marbles. On nice concrete floors. When we lived in that house (I was ten at the time), the cats would enjoy the marbles so much that they'd wake my father up in the middle of the night from all the rolling and the banging.