Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Well, today's the day, I guess

It's time to take the tree down. Pack up the Nativity Set. Get the lights down.

Yes, I realise that you've enjoyed nearly two months of that fresh pine scent - and weirding out all your neo-con Catholic friends - but even for Trads, the liturgical year must move on.

It's Tree-Down Day.

(On the upside, the Church, realising that people are a little down on Tree-Down Day, makes today one of its souvenir days. If you go to Mass today ... translated to the following Sunday in Novusordoland, of course ... you get to take home a candle! And tomorrow, you take it back to church to get your throat blessed...See? It's fun!)

Cannonball Kat says she's a little bummed about Tree-Down Day, but I made a suggestion.

The Church these days is all about "creating new traditions" right? What about doing a tree for every other holiday?

I know someone in Vancouver who got a potted tree and solved the problem by having a tree for every holiday. The Valentine's Day tree. The Battle of Lepanto tree. The Commemoration of the Assassination of Julius Caesar tree...

Imagine the possibilities.



Seraphic said...

I told my husband that the tree must MUST M U S T come down today or the boggarts will come and break everything in the house. Apparently he does not believe in boggarts.

Possibly he wants to keep it as a Battle of Lepanto tree.

Dymphna said...

My tree is still up. I may get around to it by Valentines.