Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Holy cow!

I want to be HER when I grow up...

(And it's not every day that I would consider suspending my rules about women voting.)


didja catch that bit with the five-pin bowling? For the Yanks among us...

it's a Canadian thing.

I bowled a lot of five-pin with my grandma in Parksville when I was a kid.

Oh, and at exactly 5:57, 6:10 and 6:19, the balding guy singing on Rick's right? I think that's Paul Szabo, the Liberal MP who did the most to help us on the Human Reproductive Tehnologies Act that I spent two of the most difficult years of my life trying to stop. (Failed, of course, but that's politics.)

Yes, you read that right... a pro-life Liberal.

(Yeah, I thought it was weird then too.)

Paul's a decent guy and seems to have more than the usual two functioning neurons that the Liberal Party issues its MPs with. His opposition to the demons party leadership's favourite bill cost him, too. I think he narrowly escaped getting bumped off the ticket in the next election. And I'm pretty sure he's going to spend the rest of his career as a backbencher, but there are worse things.

Oh man! I can't believe I'm sitting in Italy having a Day O' Nostalgia for Canadian politics. I need to go sit in a piazza and sip a cappuccino or something.


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Unknown said...

Dear Ms. White,

That was a fun Canada Day in Mississauga with Rick Mercer.

There is no Bill I worked harder against than the Repro Tech Act. It still is not fully implemented due to the several amendments I had passed.

As far as the impact on me as an MP,I was subsequently voted hardest working MP for 3 Years in a row, ranked number 1 in speaking in the House over the past 5 years and Chaired the Ethics Committee for 3 years (including the Mulroney / Schreiber hearings and other large investigations). I am now on Finance Committee and doing my job and promoting a national, public cord blood bank which is much needed.

As a prolife MP I have spent some equity but I have always spoken for something, no against. People know I am a catholic and my position on issues have always reflected my religious, morale and family values. After 17 years in Parliament, my integrity is still intact and that is important to me.


Paul Szabo BSc, MBA, FCA, MP