Monday, February 14, 2011

They do furnish a room...

Thanks, Hank, for the kind gift. They arrived in the office today.

I'm going to have to start pruning my Amazon wishlist, so many of you have sent stuff from it.

Thanks go out also to the Duckfan for the Spiritual Conferences of Fr. Faber, (we have rarified tastes, don't we?) and to Bonnie J for This War is the Passion by Caryll Houselander and Andrew M. for the Maddy Prior collection.

Things continue a little weird for the moment. It has turned out to be extremely difficult to get medical coverage as a resident in Italy, and it looks like I will have to go back to England for a bit. I hope for not more than a week or so. So, Hank, no, I'm afraid that bookcases (that I had all picked out at Mercatino) are going to have to wait, since all my spare dosh is going to pay medical bills, which is something of a novelty for this Canuckistani. I'm not over my head (yet) but between the loss of the roommate('s rent), a 300 Euro electricity bill and doctors' bills, I can't really see any more home decor coming in for a while. Art classes have also had to be suspended for the time being.


better than cancer, hey?

So, yay!



Hank Rhody said...

There exist multitudinous things in this life that are technically better than cancer. I hope you aren't afflicted with many.

For instance, I'll feel terrible if you have to box these books up and haul them to another apartment right away. I apologize for having given them in such an ill timed manner.


Unknown said...

Not at all. No gift horse as nice as these should have its teeth examined. And I'm not moving. I can cover expenses, but just not much after that. No major furniture purchases at least. Not for a bit.

I'm off to England on the 3rd and things should be squared away shortly after.

Robert said...

I do hope that your disease isn't too painful and too much of an impediment to getting around.