Thursday, May 13, 2010

Warning Label

Korean food.

Much of it is bright orange in colour. A bit like those deadly poisonous Amazonian tree frogs that come in varying shades of brilliant colour one doesn't usually expect to find in nature, in order to, I was told, warn off predators who will get a mouthful of death if they try it.

There is a Korean grocery in the same building as the office. Fortunately, when one is really desperate for a nice cup-o-noodles, they have the Japanese kind, but at 3 Euros, it's outrageously priced. Today I tried the cheaper Korean kind.


It just serves me right, really, for eating any food that comes with a "flavour packet".

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Aaron Traas said...

I'm sorry, Hilary, but I have to disagree -- the Japanese instant noodles are inferior to the Korean ones. I've tried nearly every brand at the local asian food markets in northern NJ, USA, and the Korean ones are by far the best.

Unfortunately, as I can't read non-western characters, I can't tell you what brands I like -- I know by sight. The best ones come with a packet of paste rather than powder. I tend to like the spicy kim chee types, adding some left over roast pork on top. It's great for lunch those days when my wife didn't make enough food the evening before to have leftovers to bring to the office.