Saturday, May 15, 2010

All hail the Great Steyn

still making me laugh, while Civilisation burns...

last week, the head of Canada's intelligence service testified to the House of Commons about hundreds of "second- or third-generation Canadians" who are "relatively well integrated" "economically and socially" but who have become so "very very disenchanted" with "the way we want to structure our society" that they have developed "strong links to homelands" that are "in distress."

Homelands such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

Hmm. If you're wondering what those countries might have in common, keep wondering. No words beginning with "I-" and ending with "-slam" passed the director's lips.


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Matthias said...

I have always maintained that Islam is a subversive culture and that we should be cutting back immigration from those countries that have huge islamic problems. For example we have ahuge issue in Sydney around Lebanese Muslims forming gangs based in the South Western suburbs. The Islamic leadership here in australia has fundamentally failed to ensure that their people are aware of citizenship issues,that non Muslim women are not treated as objects of lust - several "good" Muslim boys are serving long sentences for rape.
Religion of Peace -a load of dung. I will back the Jews any day