Friday, May 21, 2010

Viva il Papa!

Saw the pope on Sunday. It was really great. He looked happy too.

Catholicism is so open minded these days, they even let the heretics pretend to join in.

Carabinieri, best dressed cops in Europe.

These guys are very popular. They got many cheers.

There he is!

Everybody sush! he's talking.


Dan Auer said...

One Wednesday, I went there and we heard the pope say: "All you guineas.... Get off my lawn!"

It was something else. Long live Benny.

Paulinus said...

Carabinieri, best dressed cops in Europe.

..and they let you take their photo. In England you'd have been arrested for some trumped-up (probably racially aggravated) terrorist-related offence.

Word Verification: boyish.