Thursday, May 13, 2010

A better lizard part II

Well, to no one's surprise, we got a new set of lizards.

I wonder if anyone was making these kinds of jokes on blogs back when the barbarians were swarming all over the Empire.

Day three of the occupation and William "Maarklaar" Hague is still moaning about the fit of his latex rubber mask.

Despite that, a new television model has been prepared, to compete with the World Cup, as male earthlings are fascinated by big bouncy things. And the High Command are meeting in a cupboard in a bid to convince the earthlings that they are listening to their pitiful wishes and mean them no harm.

The state broadcasting apparatus was instructed to convey to the earthlings that being in the cupboard was "a wonderful feeling", especially seeing the Supreme Leader in the prime minister's chair. So far, the earthlings seem to be buying it - they seem strangely reassured by the appointment of our cupboard.

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