Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hey! HEY! Is anyone out there?

Have you noticed that no one is really talking much about the election?

Is it me, or has there been kind of a dearth of commentary?

Is everyone still just stunned?

Heloooooo...? (echo of "hellooohellooohellooo...")



(...crickets chirping...)

Did we have an election on Thursday or did I just dream that?





Why aren't the pundits telling me what to think?

How can I figure out how to make outrageous jokes if no one is going to tell me what will offend the most?

Come ON people!


Gregory the Eremite said...

I think you'll find that everyone is thinking of the national interest at the moment.

HJW said...


Gregory the Eremite said...

Oh all right then; but at least Dr. Death was voted out...

Matthias said...

Hey down here in Oz it is the first item on our radionews broadcasts.and the economists-you know those who work without prophet- are wanting a decision as having no government in Pommy land is apparently very upsetting for OUR markets.
Anyway good to see that prolifers got in in some seats