Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life is so difficult!

Why does everything have to be so complicated?!

Just to leave the house, you have to comb your hair, and put on clothes (frontways not backwards!) and remember which shoe goes on which foot, and not forget your keys and your money, and remember where you're going ....

and all that before you even get to the front door!

And I have to pack up the house! I've been doing laundry for two days (sixth load; towels). Now I have to put things in boxes. Not too hard, you say? What do you know?

I have to dig the boxes out from behind the closets where I stashed them a year ago. I have to mush them back into 3-D shape, tape them, then figure out what to put in them...

just thinking about all that is making me tired.

Plus, I'm having modern telecommunications technology meltdown. I have about six different things, facebook, skype, email, blog, messenger and the phone, and I don't really know how to use any of them.

I can hear the cop in my brain saying, "Just step away from the computer..."


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Ttony said...

When we moved house (ten years ago - it'll cost more now), we payed the removal company an extra £150 for them to do the packing.

It took them a day and a half, and the only broken thing was one light bulb which I dropped when I pulled it out of their box.

They decided I must be a vicar, because only a vicar would have so many books.