Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You mean, they're not flocking to your churches.

I wonder if there might be other factors involved in that.

One wonders what Episcopal boundaries and barriers have yet to be crossed that the dying embers of historic Christianity could possibly fan into life. That the Diocese of Massachusetts has a functioning transgendered priest complete with a sex change operation (he appeared at Lambeth 2008) mocks not only marriage, but any notion of what normalcy in sexual matters might mean in The Episcopal Church. ... They mock The Episcopal Church as a Christian denomination.


Zach said...

Chris Johnson's Iron Law strikes again!

"It's impossible to make any joke about the Episcopal Church that doesn't eventually come true."

DP said...

These are the children and grandchildren of the folks who gave us the Anglican Breviary?


Oh, and careful, Zach--you know how our hostess is with Anglicans who agree with her about how screwy Anglicanism is. Does. Not. Compute.