Friday, April 17, 2009

The Anti-Choice Project

I hope they're horrible hateful Rightwing anti-woman homophobic puppy-kickers like me.

The Anti-Choice Project (ACP) is an anti-abortion organization, which exists to expose the ugly face of "choice," primarily through the use of pictures. We believe that one picture of an aborted baby is worth 1000 pro-life arguments, as it reveals the unfiltered horror that abortion is an act of violence which kills a baby.

Just glancing at the comments on their "about us" page, I can't help but think again that it is very difficult to tell whether this:

What about rape? Incest? Women who have abused drugs during the beginning of their pregnancy? What about the risk of giving birth to the baby harming the mother?
I hope you realize that you're working this angle in a largely liberal community, and you're not going to get far.
If you're so against abortion, don't have one. BUT LEAVE THE CHOICE FOR THE REST OF US!
And get off the corner of my college. You're photos are scaring the children walking by.

is really a comment from a pro-death person, or whether it was written as a parody of the kind of chanting you hear when you're on patrol in the pro-life movement.

Slap a few bullet points onto this list and it could be used as a training exercise for pro-life 101.

When I first started taking the pro-life apologetics training, Scott told us that there are really only five abortion slogans. Five? Is that it? You've got to be exaggerating. They can't have based an entire culture of legalised murder on five pathetic slogans.

But yep. They can and did. In ten years now, I've never heard anything but the same five. It's as if they've all got a string with a plastic ring on it between their shoulder blades.


Anonymous said...

oooooh! I love their ownership of "anti-choice" and "anti-abortion"!

Being called "anti-abortion" is about as insulting as being called "anti-murder."

Good work!

Felix said...

I guess there's no need to point out that the anti-slavery movement was in fact spearheaded by rabid Christians

Ty said...

In a society that depended heavily on slave labor where it was common to own slaves, it was very rare to find someone against it because it was so common. Thomas Jefferson was very much against slavery, but he did not release his slaves because if he did, they would have never been accepted anywhere else, anyway, so he gave them the best life he could. As for his alleged relationship with one of his slaves, DNA evidence proved it false.

Spider said...

Now this I appreciate. (Not that you need this newcomers approval, or anything.)

I understand being anti-choice / anti-abortion. But I really don't understand being anti-contraption. Will continue reading your blog to see what I can learn.

Anonymous said...

Abortion is murder in ANY way shape or form you put it. Go ahead and tell yourselves that aborting a CHILD is okay under so and so and as long as blah blah blah. You're wrong pure and simple. You will always be wrong no matter how you phrase abortion. I hope that you research abortion and find out the TRUTH. However, God will always be there for you if you have faith so pray up!

Anonymous said...


Why would it be okay to leave the choice to everyone else? I don't understand the phrase, "Well, I would never have an abortion but it's okay for someone else to." Tell me why you wouldn't. The pictures of abortions that people show are REAL. These scare kids because it's MURDER. Do they not scare you as well? Why does anyone feel it is THEIR choice to take away a life that did NOTHING wrong. Why should we punish a CHILD for another being's mistake?