Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Once again,

me n' Binks, thinking the same thoughts on the same day. I'm beginning to wonder if he's really me and I never really left Canadia and the me that lives in Italy is realy someone else...
~ IF MEN ARE FROM MARS AND women are from Venus, then Conservatives are from reality, and Liberals are from UpSideDownistan. Take every particle of common-sense, law, custom, morality, and stand them on their heads.

Maybe I don't really exist after all.

That would be a relief. It means that someone else can do my Purgatory.


There may have been ancient civilizations for which we only know names. Really: if there were folks living in a town in Jericho c. 10 000BC, how much do we really know about that era? I’m not talking about aliens or anything, just that if civilization arose long ago, environmental collapse, plague, or some other collapse could have hidden much of it from us over the intervening years.

Not having the history of those people doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Atlantis may be a garbled remembrance, though some of that may also be ancient Thera 7 Crete as remembered by the Greeks. In any case, I’m not saying it makes much difference to us– only that we haven’t got the whole story.

he seems to be thinking about the same topics as me too.

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I've been thinking about/working on a novel for some time now that involves the proposal that human civilisations, complete with fancy schmancy architecture, writing, mathematics and government corruption existed before the big Ice Ages. The ice would have wiped out all traces of them right? and would have sent the human population back to hunting/gathering and nomadic habits right? So how do we know?

Some of my longer-term readers might remember my brief flash of obsession a few years ago about this. Well, I'm still thinking about it.

But it's weird about the Binky/Hilary mental link hey?

Must be sunspots or something.


binks webelf said...

Dear Hilary:

Get out of my head, you WITCH!



paul said...

I see Binks has been ruminating quite a bit re:Islam of late. Maybe he's really Baron Bodissey? I like the Gates of Vienna blog for keeping me up to date on developments in that regard, especially in Europe. The latest vid about the Lutonians pushing back was eye opening ....