Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well, it worked for Mahoney didn't it?

The Tablet has welcomed Archbishop Vincent Nichols to Westminster with a snide and mean-spirited profile which suggests that he has become more orthodox in his theology in order to achieve promotion in the Church.

Looks like Damian is going to be less fun to read from now on. No problems with the good archbishop's assertion that, hey, it's OK to adopt children to homosexual singles but, whoah nelly! not to "married" homosexual partners. No way! Indeed, Nichols is "our man" in Westminster for the "anyone but Roche" crowd.

I get the impression that this is not the sort of Catholic moral issue of interest to Damian.


Sophia M said...

Damian was always kind of annoying to read. He's probably a fine chap in person, but he comes across really badly on that blog.

The particular post you reference makes it look like he is doing this as regards the Tablet "SIRRRR SIRRRRR, the Tablet called you a rude naaaaaame sir! Not like me Sir! Remember when I gave you that apple this morning? And did all my sums? I think I should get to be the Prefect sir not him"


I'm probably way off base, it's just how it came across to me.

DP said...

I think the man is looking for any hint of good news in the English episcopate.

"Hurray--it's coming down in *smaller* buckets!"

This definitely looks more like a Niederauer pick, alas.

DP said...

Then again, what's his name in Scotland was much better than imagined, right? Or am I grasping at straws.

Either way, I'm glad I don't have to live with England's hapless bench.