Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Cheese balls. I'd live on these things if I could.

It wasn't until I got to Italy that I found out that I had previously had no idea what mozzarella cheese is. I had tried "bocconcini" in Canada and been unimpressed by the utter tastelessness of it. But real Mozzarella is a kind of heavenly foretaste of how something can be both a gentle and intense pleasure.

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Christine said...

I took a class on cheese making and mozzarella is one of the simplest and least expensive cheeses to make. If you ever leave the land of easily had mozzarella, Google up a recipe. A large batch can be made in a single afternoon. I will say however, that it's generlly not worth the bother if you can buy quality fresh at the store. On a side note, bring homemade cheese is a guarenteed way to drive your standing at potlucks through the roof.