Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Shock! The Horror!`

British religious schools will be allowed to teach...


It'll kill us all!

* * *

Sue Sanders of LGBT campaigning group Schools Out said: "It's fudging. It is supposed to be compulsory so it should be compulsory.

"It is the schools' duty to enable pupils to learn about diversity and equality but they can't do this if parents are permitted to remove their children from lessons.

"It is giving kids a double message."

Now, let's see. Which two messages are in conflict here?

"My parents are in charge of me, have responsibility for my welfare and their authority is upheld and guarded by the state."


"The state is the boss of me, the boss of my parents and it doesn't matter what we as a family believe, the state has the last word on my upbringing. We are thought-slaves to the state."

Does that about summ it up?

Did anyone else ever notice that in nearly every memorable episode, the Federation and Star Fleet, were the bad guys?


The London Cheapskate said...

As a elementary school teacher, I would point out that if the kids don't hear it from me, they'll hear it in the schoolyard.

I'll flatter myself to say that my information will probably be more accurate and well-presented than the seven year old with mustard on his Disney t-shirt.

Zach said...

And your point?

It's not flattery that, if presented by you, your information will be more authoritative than that shared by a schoolyard chum. It's in the nature of the position.

Even seven-year-olds are bright enough to understand the differences between schoolyard chatter and the curriculum. I suspect that sort of common sense is what an education degree is designed to suppress, however.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Missing the point.

The conflict is not, (as the cliche will tiresomely have it) between "getting it in the school yard" and "getting it authoritatively from the classroom".

It is whether the state has the right to force parents to have their children participate in an indoctrination programme devised by homosexual activists.

Who do you think writes the curriculum?