Friday, April 17, 2009

Italy from the train

The daily dose of campagna

Took these this morning. What I find remarkable is how incredibly green everything is. We had record rainfall this winter (remember my leaking walls?) and now I imagine we're in for a bumper harvest on everything.

Just outside Santa Mar.

Masses of wild mustard lining the tracks and filling the fields with a yellow glow.

Little farm outbuilding. Looking more Irish than Italian.

These lines of stately umbrella pines, marching down country lanes,

with the cypresses, are possibly the most evocative sights.
They are the first thing you see when you arrive that says you're not in a temperate zone anymore.

A field of carciofi and an old farm house.

Lots of vineyards, olive groves and orchards along the way.

Also surprised to see a lot of big mature oaks.

Green green green green.

The rural areas are lovely, but the towns along the route to Santa Mar are very run down and horrible looking. An abandoned factory of some kind at Macarese.

A farm closer to Rome.

The little trees in rows down the hill from the house are olives, I think.

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Roger M. said...

Ontario is still brown and bare.