Thursday, April 30, 2009

Education makes you stupid

So, if Kathy Ireland, a woman who became famous because of how she looked in a bikini, can understand this and say it clearly,

why can't people with PhDs get it?

"...we've got to get politics out of it. We need to put it in the hands of science. Even if you don't share our faith, an atheist can know that it's wrong to take an innocent human life. That's why I don't mind imposing this on other people."


Anonymous said...

"That's why I don't mind imposing this on other people."

Words that need to be said more often - loudly.

Or, "why yes, I am happy to impose my morality on you, as it happens."

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with looking good in a bikini. Probably takes as much effort (in modern universities) as getting a PhD: discipline, schedule, work etc.
Most women don't achieve either.


Anonymous said...

Both PhDs and modelling are a complete waste of time as real women know.