Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"The trouble with modern Britain..."

Dear me, where do we start?

Peter Hitchins has a go.

The trouble with modern Britain is that the wrong people are afraid. Inexpressibly cruel killers are afraid of nothing, and rightly view the criminal justice system as a feeble joke. But the police, the courts and the social workers are increasingly fearful of the violent, conscience-free underclass, created by 45 years of well-intentioned but disastrous socialism.
But we cannot own up to this problem. Officially, we aren’t even allowed to disapprove of this way of life or be ‘judgmental’ about the people who lead such lives.

Why? Mainly because the Left cannot admit that these things are bad. Because to accept that would be to accept that it has made a terrible mistake.

This type of misery stems mainly from decisions taken in the Sixties – especially to begin subsidising women who got pregnant outside wedlock, and to make the marriage bond easily breakable. The predictable result was that we quickly saw many more households where the child has no natural father in the home.

Worse still, we saw a substantial minority where there is a stream of serial boyfriends, likely to view any child as a nuisance or a plaything, or both.

Research done by the Family Education Trust shows that abuse of children – either violent or sexual – is 33 times more likely in such households than in homes where there is a stable marriage. This underlines the dishonesty of a famous NSPCC advertising campaign in which child abuse was portrayed as taking place in clean, tidy, prosperous homes. No doubt it can and does happen there, but much less than it does in the urine-perfumed slums of New Britain.

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