Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday at home

This Saturday was the first time I've spent a whole day at home. Been here three weeks on Friday and it's all been spent in Rome, on the train getting to Rome, or on the train in an exhausted stupor going home from Rome.

But Santa Marinella is a very nice place too.

And we've got room, so if you're fed up with winter at some point, come over and stay.

It was breezy on Saturday when we had people over for lunch. (Casual affair; don't have a soup tureen or any proper serving things yet.) The wind was slightly cool so we decided to move the table onto the front part of the terrace where it was sunnier.

This was November 15:

So, how's the weather where you are? Snowing yet?

Actually, I've been waiting every day for the little man.

You know: the officious little guy in the cheap suit from the government who will come and tell me that there's been a terrible mistake. All of this was meant to happen to someone else. I have to go back to Toronto.

He hasn't shown up yet. I'm wondering if we can drop something heavy on his head from the balcony.


N. Trandem said...

Is that a sad attempt at a beard on Wells' part or just laziness? ;-)

Lefdawg said...

Come on Nick, you know it is pure laziness! Hilary, give that old boy Chris a nice punch in the arm for me will ya!