Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OK Ok , I give

Here's some links:

Kathy has a good rant.

The only positive consequence of an Obama presidency -- and this is probably just wishful thinking on my part -- is we'll FINALLY stop hearing about slavery every five minutes.

It'll now be more like every ten minutes.

McCain bent over backwards to accomodate Mexicans and they voted for Obama, because his skin is brown. So did the usual guilty white liberals and secular Jews, who also voted for Obama based solely on his skin colour.

Which is what used to be called "racist", until the word came to mean its exact opposite, just like every other word that's been put through the leftwing lexicon laundry.

America has chosen as its leader an unaccomplished, spoiled, cowardly, shallow narcissist who wouldn't last five minutes under torture, let alone five years, and who associates with radical freaks and weirdos. He supports partial birth abortion, and wants to make you pay for it, too.

And Carriere is quite on form in the last few days:

Remember when W won his second term and a lot of liberal Americans threatened to move to Canada? Any who did: Please go home now.

Which got me thinking, to fully enjoy the New Gringo Dystopia, what if all the Cannucki Libs go along too and sensible Americans flee to Canada?

'Course, commies being commies, they'll soon be running out down there of half-caf lo-fat soy lattes and toilet paper, and then Whoopie Golberg will try to defect, probably with Matt Damon in her carry-on.

So I'm thinking, a shiny new 'lectric fence all along the 49th with Sarah Palin as Head Northern Sniper.

Canada: Suddenly the Conservative Option. This could be okay.

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Mark S. Abeln said...

No, race rhetoric will heat up and become even worse. Marxist political theory encourages division and competition between classes as a tool of social change.

The grievances of Quebec increased after the Quiet Revolution.