Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandfather Clause

Dr. Stephen Karanja, an Ob/Gyn and chairman of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors' Association described to me on Friday the work of the international aid organisations like UNICEF that are using their mandate to push abortion and condoms on African countries:

What about international aid orgs, pushing population control in exchange for assistance?

They stopped saying that a long time ago, when we removed the masks from their faces. The international aid organisations are fathered and mothered by the same creature. They are fathered by...the grandfather is called IMF, the international Monetary Fund. Then there is a mother, called IPPF, International Planned Parenthood Federation. They have small small children, many of them with thousands of names but the same parent. You follow them and they lead you to their mother. And when you know sombody’s mother, and what she does and what she cooks, then you know what they eat. Those organisations that come to our country...we don’t need them. We don’t need them at all. They come in our country for the purposes of trying to sell an ideology to us, an ideology we do not need.

I do not know how to tell these people from the west, please keep their bad manners to their countries. There is something in Africa we have that they should come and learn. Something called ‘respecting the family’ respecting the elders, respecting the children, hoping for the best, and not being ruled. And people from the west have a problem with this.

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