Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More random pics

The Piazza in the rain. (It's been doing that quite a bit...big thunderstorms.)

A walled garden near the Vatican.

For some reason one very rainy day last week, I decided to climb up the Janiculum Hill.

It's really tall and there are a lot of steps.

Architecture. (These are apartments. Apartments I can't afford to live in.)

There are nuns everywhere. Good thing I no longer suffer more than periodic and brief bouts of nun-fever.


Anonymous said...

And where I live there was garbage strewn all over the tracks at my local subway station today.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Tranna.

You would feel right at home in the Urbs. Loads of litter and more graffiti than is really strictly necessary.

Steve said...

Have I mentioned how insanely jealous I am? I have? Well let me reiterate...