Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She said, "Hey, you know what? You really can't kill people to solve your problems"

Not only that, but "You also can't kill me to solve mine".

It's a funny thing how difficult it is to get that across.

In May 2003, the International Down Syndrome Screening Conference was
held in London. A group of people with Down’s Syndrome had asked if they
could speak at the conference but were not allowed to.

[Gee, I wonder what they were afraid to hear?] They turned up
anyway and one of them, Anya Souza, was finally allowed to say something
about her own condition. She said:

“I can’t get rid of my Down’s Syndrome, but you can’t get rid of
my happiness. You can’t get rid of the happiness I give others
either. It’s doctors like you that want to test pregnant women
and stop people like me being born. Together with my family and
friends I have fought to prevent my separation from normal
society. I have fought for my rights… I may have Down’s
Syndrome but I am a person first.

H/T to Fr. Tim.

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